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in the late-50s, after unmasking in front of the HUAK earlier that decade unlike the rest of the patriot parishwho refused and dissapeared, captain radio became disillusioned with christianity and masked heroics as a whole and retired. he would later give his life to save Orlando, Florida (Now Radio City in his honor) from a missile attack by the russians. after his death the US Government decided that the world needed someone like him to look up to but also uphold the interests of the government. a bright, shining, public identity hero foir the atomic age. so, they invented a warhead that in theory would give a man the powers of flight invulnerability, the strengh of a god and the power to make things explode just by coming in contact and willing them to blow up. However it would work on people ONLY with AB- blood. Also, it had to be someone no one would miss. Using their own boys would draw too much attention. So, they kidnapped a 18 year old orphaned punk kid biker from Columbia and memory wiped him, tuirning him into a clean cut, sickeningly so kid. the kind you see in those old 50s psas. Then, they blew up the warhead. it worked.

And so, the kid with no memory of his past became known as ”Adam Split: Prince of Warheads”, and would protect that world till the day…well, you’ll see.