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Next up is the rest. starting with hooded gangster, The Spook. The spook is an enemy of Man in the Moon. His modus operandi is extortion, blackmail, threats, torture and murder using peoples worst fears and phobias to make ends meet. He is also a secret enemy of The Great Gestapo and wants the leadership spot of the cult.

Next Is mr. Rob U. Blind. Moustashe twirling conman and cheat. caught by Ffestiniog and Bonelessman selling false meds to a small town in Louisiana, has since become a master of pranks and gadgets.

For over 30’000 years, Mugerty’s people, The goblins, (good guys in my story) have been in a never ending war with the Trolls. evil, revolting monsters with no mercy and a deep HATE for everything peaceful….You’d think ww2 would be up their alley. ^^; They are ruled by the foul and evil yet seemingly civilised King Gek’Zil. He sees humans as mere food for his people and goblins as mere ants to be stepped on. Muggerty being an ork. (a goblin human hybrid) has an obligation to both races. as a result he must defend both relms from Gek’zil and has a very captain hook and peter pan relationship with the king.

A kenyan tribesman finds a mistic emerald in the earth that gives him the power to gain the attributes of any animal just by sounding it’s call. In order to teach mankind a lesson or starting ww2, he causes violence, kidnappings and other things to show the world its evil. Mistaken by everyone as a savage (a jab at that eras racism) he is an enemy of both Pretty Polly and Jet Diamond. The man the press call Kenyan Scream.