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@TheSoupster said:

Hey man, welcome to the forums! Loving Man in the Moon, particularly the background. Casts a really nice mood on the drawing! Also, the Orc is great. What a grin!

Hi soupster. thanks for the comment. Glad you like them. The Ork (or Mugerty as his goblin name is) is sorta based off the animated mask. He is indeed the PP’s Wild card. as for Man in the Moon, the sandman Wesley Dodds. You’ll be seeing the patriot parish’s villains The Cult of Sinners next. aswell as those who came after them. expect some good ol’ silver age cheese from me later.

To make an example of the COS, lemmie introduce their founder. Stage Magician turned brainwashed 3rd reich magic master. saboteur, Black margic king, spy, smuggler. Ubel Boese AKA The Great Gestapo!