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The day when robots finally take over the world will be a nasty one with those creatures you produce. Amazing – but also somewhat frightening…

Mwahaha… :D

@JR19759 said:
Happy Birthday Trekkie, hope you have a good one.

Thanks! Actually, I got the day off college to go to the Doctor Who Celebration in London. So yeah, it was a good one!

cool but all i see is the butt

Click the attachment link below the picture, you should see the whole thing.

Awesome shading and coloring on your characters, love the robot lion and dino, and the one I liked the most is the ice man with his heart showing through the key hole, I gotta borrow that idea for a character ;)

Thanks a lot! I’d almost forgotten about that ice guy, glad you liked him. And feel free to pinch the see-through-heart idea. :)