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Thanks guys! Glad you enjoyed it, took me hours to get the pose correctly.

This is Ursak Mel’grond, an orc from the Hills of Octugar, to the far west. The Orcs of Octugar are known to be a bit more civilized than the rest of the more savage orc races. Ursak is a member of a raiding party, and he is known for his ferocity in battle rather than his lacking sense of strategy and his incapability to lead fellow orcs to battle.
To battle, he takes his orcish self-made spear, his dagger and a flail he scavanged from a long-forgotten fallen enemy.
He wears little armor-A reinforced leather vest, covering his fur undershirt.
He is not an orc of note, and there is nothing else special about him to be honest.
Hope you guys like him!