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I finally got motivated to put out another character. This is my first Witch Wars villain and the first member of the Society of Foes (a Legion of Doom-like team of villains based on fairy tale characters and authors who have dealt with witches). I took inspiration from X-2 (Frank Hallows’ pet werewolf-bot, who has been retconned out of my New Universe), Red Riding Hood, and Hansel & Gretel, and expanded Farrah O’Ren’s storyline by creating Greta Holz.
 photo GretaHolz_zpsfe1f14cb.png
Name: Gretel/Redwulf
Alias: Greta Holz
Team Affiliations: Society of Foes, Power Suits
Enemies: Frank Hallows, The B.R.I.D.E., Farrah O’Ren, The Coven of Iarann, Witches in general, and anyone else with Knavium-derived powers.
Race: Human/Lycandroid
Birthplace: Berlin, Germany
Powers/Abilities: Iarannian heart/power core, Ferro-Knavium skin, Ability to harness energies similar to Iarannian magic, Enhanced strength and reflexes, Can transform into a cybernetic werewolf at will.
Bio: When she was a child, Greta Holz and her brother, Hans, lost their parents to a member of the Coven of Iarann during a weapons test gone awry. Hans sought vengeance against the Coven, and Greta was a willing participant. Taking steps to ensure her family’s death was avenged, Greta Holz took a job at HallowGen as a member of the X-2 development team, until she was caught in the explosion that paralyzed Frank Hallows, suffering near-fatal heart damage.
While Greta worked and gathered the necessary intel to build the array of anti-Iarannian weaponry that was her and Hans’ secret project, her brother put his finely honed surgical skills to use, hunting down members of the Coven and using that weaponry to cut out their hearts.
As much as he hated the Coven for killing his parents, when Hans heard of his sister’s injuries, he was forced to do the unthinkable: replacing her heart with one of his Iarannian “trophies.”
Greta survived the procedure, but woke up a humanoid machine full of power she didn’t understand and a hunger for Iarannian hearts she couldn’t control. Days and weeks passed without incident, her hunger sated by daily consumption of the hearts of her enemies, not knowing that the more hearts she ate, the more magical energy she absorbed. One day at HallowGen, she unwittingly absorbed the X-2 parts she was working on, incorporating them into her body in much the same way that a Witch of Iarann is able to, and transforming into a rampaging Lycandroid.
Greta no longer requires her “daily meal,” and has yet to discover a way to remove the X-2 technology from her body. But with her brother’s help, she was eventually able to get her Redwulf transformation under control and resume her quest for vengeance.
She has also been enlisted in various schemes by enemies of Frank Hallows, including the Power Suits and The B.R.I.D.E. (whom she now considers an enemy), but the path to her–and her brother’s–true objective lies with the Society of Foes, a group devoted to the complete extermination of all the elemental covens.