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French fries and cheese on toast, it’s been a month since I put anything up here! I guess I just hadn’t been feeling that inspired by Heromachine lately.
In other news, I have shot up to fifty-eight pages in my Introspectre novel and am becoming addicted to Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tales comics. It has all the drawbacks you’d expect from a fledgeling comic book universe (missing words, announcements of series that never get made, storylines that suddenly stop when so much remains to be said), but the concepts that work out make for engaging entertainment.
Back to Heromachine….
My latest New Universe submission is a re-work of Tetra, my Four O’Clock Clockwork character. She’s posed pretty much the same, but I shaded her, replaced her skull trophy with a helmet, changed her color scheme a little, and added a four-bladed battle ax (so watch out, Batman!).
 photo Tetra_zps75e90ee7.png
Name: Tetra
Alias: Tetra Ka’Li
Team Affiliations: Clockwork, Soul Survivors
Race: Ka’Lian
Birthplace: The Vedanga Dimension
Powers/Abilities: Four arms, Super-strength, High-density skin, Superior jumping ability, Skilled & ruthless fighter.
Bio: The Vedanga Dimension is no place for the average human. It is a land of savage mythical beasts and even more savage beauty. It is a place where demons and gods shed each other’s blood for sport, and what we call magic or fantasy can turn the most harmless of objects into a deadly weapon. It is also where the woman named Tetra Ka’Li grew into a powerful and ruthless warrior-queen whose legend spread even to our world, where our Hindu priests worship her as a goddess of destruction and rebirth. But in the last few days, Tetra has had to single-handedly (so to speak) defend her realm against unprescedented numbers of attacks by skeleton demons, whose very presence on her land has reduced its fields to rot and ruin, and cost the lives of hundreds of her people, who wither and die at the demons’ touch only to rise again and join the growing army of Pestilence.
Tetra recently received word from the Earth realm that the Horseman’s dark influence has reached our planet, that he had been summoned by a being of greater power than himself to wreak havoc upon the Earth. With the help of Dhanusha, the ruler of a nearby Vedangan kingdom, Tetra is able to reach Earth and ally with the Clockwork team against Pestilence and his growing army of darkness.