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Going on roughly a character a week so far. Another elemental witch for you: Theodora Kindle, the Witch of Fire, based on the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz.
 photo TheodoraKindle_zpsa73dffb0.png
Name: Flame Girl (II)
Alias: Theodora Kindle
Team Affiliations: The Coven of Lasair, The Hit Squad
Enemies: Tempora, Linda Norgood, Fifth Hour, Society Of Foes
Race: Human
Birthplace: Belfast, Ireland
Powers/Abilities: Pyrokinesis, Skilled Hand-to-hand fighter, Utility belt, Fireproof skin.
Bio: Like all members of the Coven of Lasair (also known as the Coven of the Flame outside of Ireland), Theodora Kindle was born with an alloy of Knavium and sulfur in her blood. Effects of the alloy include the ability to ignite combustible substances and pale green, fireproof skin. They are the most brutal and physically destructive coven involved in the ongoing Wiccan war. As there are not always incendiary chemicals close at hand, many Lasair witches wear a utility belt equipped with a variety of explosive and flammable materials to use against their enemies. The Coven of Lasair is chiefly in conflict with Linda Norgood and the Coven of Tonnta (a group of water witches), but Theodora was singled out from her coven to hunt down the deserter time witch, Tempora. During her trip to New York to assassinate Tempora, Theodora was approached by a supposed representative of a government security agency and chosen to join a meta-human team called The Hit Squad under the codename Flame Girl. The Hit Squad’s first target: the members of Fifth Hour (Fever, Rush, and Shadow).