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After struggling to come up with a new eight o’clock character (considered a heroine based on the 8-ball in billiards but couldn’t come up with a proper male counterpart for her), I decided to do a new pose on a past entrant of mine into the PD Re-Brand contest instead.
Clockwork Lena Black photo LenaBlack_zpsa0d58084.png
Name: Lena Black
Race: Human/Arachnid
Birthplace: Ithaca, NY
Powers: Can scale any surface, proportionate strength of a spider, agility, immunity from arachnid-based toxins, generates natural webbing from her fingertips, supernatural second sight (similar to Lady Luck’s potential-reading vision), prolonged lifespan.
Bio: Lena Black is the daughter of Leonore Black, who had the power to spin webs from her fingers and transform into a giant spider. Unlike her mother, Lena was born in a state halfway between woman and spider, and has yet to figure a way to transform one way or the other. She survives mostly by keeping to the shadows and feeding on small rodents throughout the city. Her six eyes give her a second sight that lets her see the true nature of people (those of a corrupt nature are usually normal thieves and murderers, but Lena has squared off against her share of demons, werewolves, vampires, etc. in her search for an end to what she believes is a family curse extending back to Ancient Greece). At night, she goes about the city hunting corrupt souls, wearing a belt fashioned from the skulls of her victims as a ward against supernatural evil.
Originally seen as a villain for her freakish appearance and feral nature, Lena has crossed paths with the likes of Shadow, Black Marble, Fallen Angel, Serene, and the Two O’Clock Warriors on several occasions, usually being forced to flee before completing a kill. These encounters have caused Lena to second-guess her special sight, as the dark energies employed by most of these heroes contradicts their spiritual appearance as pure souls (with the strange exception of Fallen Angel and Serene/Siren, who appear to have corrupted, light/dark hybrid souls). But when the waters of the Hudson begin to run red and a viral bloodlust envelops the city, Lena takes up the trail of an old foe (who has crossed paths with Hi-N’Un and Tempora in the recent past): Vlad the Impaler. Her hunt for the infamous vampire king brings Lena into an uneasy alliance with Shadow and Lady Luck. But is Vlad’s apocalyptic scheme part of a bigger plot?