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Those heroes being the remains of the anti-Aaron Clockwork team (Silver, Mad Jack, and Shield), in addition to the unlikely duo of Prima and Black Marble. Rush and Lady Icarus are responding to reports of rampaging fire demons, leaving four heroes and a mechanical werewolf to fend off the Shadow Royals, and two of them are about to go bad.
Starting with Black Marble:
Black Marble photo BlackMarble_zpsbc57a1e6.png
Name: Black Marble
Alias: Rivelle D’Mor
Race: Moord’rian (Dark Elf)
Birthplace: Moord’r
Powers: Arcane knowledge, Moord’rian bracelets (details in Bio)
Bio: As queen of an alien elven race, Rivelle inherited a pair of bracelets that allow the wearer to encase their body in an orb of dark light that, though it expands and contracts like rubber, is virtually impervious to non-magical weaponry.
While the orb is active, it allows the wearer of the bracelets to fly at high speeds and can convert the dark matter of space into a breathable atmosphere of their choosing. Theoretically, interplanetary travel can be achieved (perhaps even at warp speeds), but this is not recommended for those with low spiritual energy, as they could become stranded out in space with nothing to breathe.
Queen Rivelle had her threshold put to the test when a diplomacy mission to another planet left her homeworld vulnerable to attack. With no home to return to, Rivelle followed the spirit energy contrail of the attacking vessel to Earth, where she enlisted the aid of several of the planet’s finest heroes in turning back the invasion.
Queen no more, Rivelle must struggle with her new place in the Universe while defending her adoptive homeworld as the Black Marble.
Former Unarian princess Prima’s escape from her homeworld led to Prima’s father, King Priam, attacking and destroying Moord’r and attempting an invasion of Earth. It irked the Black Marble to no end that Prima was inducted into Clockwork despite the danger her actions invited upon Earth and Moord’r, but the two anti-heroes often found themselves working together, much as they are now…but not for long. With her darkness-based powers and lingering ill will towards Prima, Rivelle too became easy prey for the Shadow King and his new Queen, agreeing to become the Black Hole and use her increased power to defeat Prima once and for all.
Black Hole photo BlackHole_zpsf6a91b20.png
Name: Black Hole
Alias: Rivelle D’Mor
Race: Shadow Demon/Dark Elf
Birthplace: Moord’r
Powers: Arcane knowledge, Consumes light energy, Healing Factor, Flight.
Bio: Once the respected queen of an alien elven race, Rivelle D’Mor was left without title or homeworld by the reckless former princess of Unaria. Forced to live among commoners on a strange world and work side-by-side with her nemesis, Rivelle has surrendered herself and the power of her Black Marble bracelets to the influence of the Shadow King. As the Black Hole, Rivelle’s bracelet powers have been infused into her body and corrupted by the Shadow King. Where previously Black Marble was able to convert dark matter into atmosphere, the Black Hole’s powers absorb atmosphere and light and convert them into a tangible darkness. She needs no atmosphere to breathe and can fly at will, whereas previously she needed the bracelets’ power to fly. The Shadow King is merely using her to spread darkness across the Earth so that he can claim it as his kingdom.
Likewise, there are other Plague villains looking to establish their own dominion over the planet (Vlad’s vampire army, The Human Frog’s hybrid followers), and plenty of heroes remain to stop them, but like (Queen) Shadow and Black Marble/Black Hole, they are all just chess pieces in a greater game orchestrated by the being that Fire calls her Lord.
As is our final Hero Gone Bad for the moment, Shield:
The Two O
Name: Shield
Alias: Shirudo
Race: Human
Birthplace: Beijing, China
Powers: Bionically enhanced strength & reflexes, Anti-matter energy shields.
Bio: They may be identical twins, but the women known only as Sword and Shield are as different as night and day. When their mother was pregnant with them, she traveled with their father to Beijing, where he had been transferred in lieu of a job promotion.
But on the day the girls were born, their mother awakened from anesthesia prematurely to find that, though the ultrasound she had had in the United States confirmed twins, only one baby girl awaited her in the nursery. Storming through a back door in the nursery, she found her other child in the process of being euthanized (because in China at that time, mothers were only allowed to bear one child). Running on superhuman, maternal strength and a lioness’ courage, she somehow rendered all the attending doctors unconscious and escaped the hospital with her newborn twin daughters, who were both still very much alive. After much domestic turmoil, she took the girls on a flight out of Beijing, leaving China and her work-focused husband for the relative safety of Japan.
But (a word that would come to spell doom for her and her children) that safety came with a price. One day, a Yakuza enforcer came looking for protection money and, finding her financial situation lacking, took the twins as collateral, killing their mother when she resisted.
The girls were raised by the Yakuza, a childhood utterly devoid of all things childish, and eventually became initiated Yakuza themselves. The fearsome Nihonto (Sword) served as chief enforcer, and Shirudo (Shield) became the Yakuza boss’ personal security guard. Having been mutilated as a baby, the woman now known as Shirudo had long ago been given a bionic suit, fashioned from stolen tech, to help her walk and fight. Over her years with the Yakuza’s tech division, Shirudo quickly learned to repair her own suit and made the defensive modifications that would earn her name and position.
Their lives would change again when Nihonto returned from a mission to find her sister being assaulted by their boss, forcing Nihonto to kill the man and making the two of them targets for the criminal organization that had been their family for so long. They managed to survive daily attempts on their lives thanks to Shirudo’s defensive armor and Nihonto’s incomparable stealth and ruthless fighting style until the day they would cross paths with Strong Arm and Sextant, who had come to Tokyo following a trail of Yakuza activity from the states.
The four form a formidable fighting force to face down their felonious foes, finally freeing the city of a fearsomely fatalistic franchise. So began the formation of Clockwork…
But in this day of conquest-hungry demons and heroes gone bad, having anti-matter weaponry in the presence of three Shadow Demons is not the wisest course of resistance. Like Shadow and Black Marble before her, Shield falls under the influence of the Shadow King, becoming the Shadow Demon known as Nightshade.
Nightshade photo Nightshade_zps1c24fccf.png
Name: Nightshade
Alias: Shirudo, a.k.a. Shield
Race: Human/Shadow Demon
Birthplace: Beijing, China
Powers: Healing factor, Flight, Superhuman strength, Dark energy sheilds
Bio: Shirudo seems to prefer being Nightshade over her previous existence. Endowed with the powers of a Shadow Demon, her natal injuries have been completely healed, rendering her painful bionic armor unnecessary. She is also much stronger and faster than before, and can project energy shields without the use of her armor’s gauntlets. Her shields not only reject light energy, they also allow her to fly and fight offensively. The Shadow King’s influence gave her these abilities so that she could aid Black Hole in spreading the darkness unopposed.