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@Jeimuzu said:

So creepy and awesome. Love those eyes on the knee caps, cool how all the creepy stuff really pops in the darkness.

Thanks again for the feedback. I thought the eyes would add a little something extra.
It turns out fire and poison aren’t the only things that can make a good hero go bad. Darkness can do it, too. You’ve already met Shadow, but you haven’t yet seen Queen Shadow:
Queen Shadow photo QueenShadow_zpse8dd81e7.png
Name: Queen Shadow
Aliases: Jade Kincaid, Shadow
Race: Human/Shadow Demon
Birthplace: New Orleans, Louisiana
Powers: As Shadow, she possesses the ability to blend in to any shadow, and teleport from shadow to shadow by line-of-sight. As Queen Shadow, she possesses all of her powers, plus those of the Shadow King.
Bio: Jade Kincaid, her husband John Kincaid, and his brother, Rush Kincaid, worked for NASA, locating and studying meteor rocks in hopes of discovering new elements. On their last expedition, the trio came into contact with a highly radioactive sample that endowed each of them with powers then beyond their control. John became the flaming hero now known as Fever, Rush gained super-speed, and Jade became Shadow, the team’s new tactical leader.
They soon realized that their powers did not mix well if directed improperly. Any fires generated by Fever would affect the stability and location of any nearby shadows, making it difficult if not impossible for Shadow to use her powers reliably. Likewise, Rush’s super speed, combined with his impulsive, lone wolf nature, could be dangerous in the company of his brother, whose powers could be amplified or weakened by the windshear Rush generates while running at high speed.
A side-effect to mixing Rush’s super-speed and Shadow’s teleportation powers revealed itself when a team of highly trained metahumans (assembled for the sole purpose of defeating Fifth Hour) forced Rush to test the upper limits of his speed in a last-ditch effort to save Shadow from the Sniper’s bullet. He was able to reach Shadow in time and push her out of the way, but she saw the bullet coming and ducked into a nearby shadow as Rush made contact with her, breaking the dimensional barrier and sending them both sprawling into the Shadow Realm where they faced the Shadow King for the first time.
A year has gone by since then, and Shadow, on the run from her possessed husband, is finally realizing the impact their contrasting powers have had on their relationship, and makes her way into the Shadow Realm voluntarily. Emotionally damaged and having darkness-based powers, she makes easy prey for the Shadow King, who exploits her budding loneliness and makes her his Queen. With (Queen) Shadow’s powers at his disposal, the Shadow King is able to cross into our world and begin his conquest. But first he must deal with another group of heroes….