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Time now for another Plague villain, and if you know your Bible, after the locusts comes Darkness. And it doesn’t come any darker than the Shadow King:
Shadow King photo 9-Darkness-ShadowKing_zps1b7d0373.png
Name: Shadow King
Race: Shadow Demon
Birthplace: Shadow Realm
Powers: Flight, Healing factor, Manipulation of dark energy (shadows, dark matter, anti-matter, negative emotions).
Bio: The Shadow King was once a man, a mortal king from a time before darkness, who loved power and an audience more than he loved his people, and so he treated them poorly without remorse all the days of his rule.
But a man cannot rule in such a fashion for long without one day incurring the wrath of the wrong person. One such day came when the cruel king had his court magician executed for fear that the mage’s power would draw more attention than his own grandiosity and fearmongering. As the trap opened on the mage’s hanging, he used the last of his power to curse the king, swearing that one day the king would find himself more lonely and powerless than any other man deserved to be.
And it came true. As the days passed, an unnatural darkness crept over the land and his people began dying mysteriously in record numbers until nothing was left but the king and his dark, empty palace, figurehead of a dark and empty realm. Though he had nothing left to live for, the king found he could not take his own life–he was immune to mortal wounds and did not age or fall to any known disease. Living with the knowledge of his own cursed existence, the king lost himself in darkness day by day, the jagged wound that was his heart growing and eating away at the soul within, turning the king into a monstrous master of none…the Shadow King.
He has since searched for a way to enter other realms, to prey on the darkness in lost souls such as his, so that he may reclaim the kingdom he destroyed long ago. He counted the year of days between the first time the blue speedster from Earth brought Shadow into his kingdom and this day, when a tormented Shadow made her own way into the Shadow Realm, bringing with her hope for a new age of conquest.