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@Herr D said:

I gotta tell ya–contortionism is a great example of how American culture isn’t really fair. I know this guy who used to BE a contortionist in a small show. He’d alternate shows with the female contortionist. SHE got the guys hollering out their phone numbers and throwing money wearing more of a costume than most circus performers wear. He would do his show, and the women wouldn’t make a sound. Then they’d realize the show was over and run out of the tent as fast as they could.

Whoever these women are haven’t seen the male contortion/strength/pole-dancing acts on America’s Got Talent. I’m actually bored by the female contortionists because it’s like “yeah, they’re tiny so they can do that. Big deal.” But you see a toned-not-roided-out guy do the same thing and it’s “I can’t do that, so it’s amazing.” And the male performers are usually better at putting on a show and hyping themselves up (contagious ego!) than the women.