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While I’m thinking about what to do for my Locust character, here are Fever and Flame Girl in their Pyromanced costumes. Each was branded by Fire with the Mark of the Dragon (the same mark that is slowly transforming Fallen Angel into a demon). In this form, they have no choice but to obey Fire’s every command, She has set them against Shadow, Fever’s wife, whose powers become unreliable in the presence of firelight.
 photo 7-Hail-FeverampFlameGirl_zps3d7eba09.png
And now, a recap that’s as much to keep my own thoughts straight as it is to your benefit: Lena Black is off chasing Vlad through the streets of New York, all the while under siege by a horde of vampires. Deus X is occupied with the Hybrid invasion of Atlantis. Frank (with Silver in tow) was leading a small contingent of Clockwork heroes, composed of Mad Jack, Lady Icarus, Shield, and Rush, to find a cure for Aaron’s flesh-eating virus. With the appearance of Robbie Boyle, Frank is called upon to use his time-travel P.A.T.C.H. to retrieve the Pharaoh (whom he doesn’t yet know is his father) and Lady Luck (who may or may not be his grandmother) from the 1850s, causing a rift in the anti-Aaron team in the absence of their leader.
Tetra and Strong-Arm fight off Beelzebub and trap him in the Dipteran Dimension, not knowing that on the other side of the world, Dhanusha has sacrificed himself to defeat the Horseman of Pestilence, curing the skeleton demons but leaving the remaining citizens of Vedanga confused and terrified without their leaders. Tetra must return home at some point, but without Dhanusha’s alchemic powers she has no way of making the journey between realms.
Six L’Orange has abandoned her command post to investigate rumors that the crime syndicate who killed her family have contracted their Underworld Circus assassins to aid in the Plague carnage, not knowing that Le Cirque du Milieu are really her long-lost sisters.
Meanwhile, the two remaining Fifth Hour heroes are pitted against each other by a Pyromancer demon named Fire, forcing Shadow to seek refuge in the Shadow Realm since she cannot use her line-of-sight power. While there she tries to work through some dormant relationship demons of her own, and falls prey to an old enemy she hadn’t seen since her brother-in-law Rush ran her through a portal into the Shadow Realm over a year ago. But before we get to that, the remains of Frank’s divided team are joined by Tetra, who has learned that Lady Icarus may have a way to return her to Vedanga, and is elected to serve as their squad leader in Frank’s absence. But there is little time to appreciate each other’s cameraderie because they soon stumble across Aaron, who is now joined by another insect demon, Locust, whom I will reveal soon.