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Now for the Plague of Hail, represented by the villains Fire & Brimstone.
Fire & Brimstone photo 7-Hail-FireampBrimstone_zps046de3c8.png
Name: Fire
Race: Demon
Birthplace: Hell
Powers: Pyromancy, Flight, Healing Factor
Bio: Fire was not always a demon, but so little is known of her life before being cast into Hell, and Fire herself has since been made to forget her mortal origins. Only her Lord, who has unleashed her upon the Earth, knows her true nature. Acting on a promise her Lord has made her, Fire is accompanied by Brimstone, a lava demon with rock-hard skin and inhuman strength she conjured as a pet of sorts. She has the ability to animate and control fire, and as part of her agreement with the Lord, has further divided the ranks of Fifth Hour and Clockwork by enchanting Fever and Flame Girl against the team.
Shadow barely escaped the three pyrokinetics with her life by hiding in the Shadow realm. For the first time in their marriage, Shadow fully understood the impact their contrasting powers would have on her relationship with Fever, but she would barely have time to contemplate their future (or her impending pregnancy) before being confronted by an old enemy.
SPOILER: After being betrayed by her Lord, Fire would release Fever and Flame Girl from her control. Prior to the events of Meridian, the trio formed a new team called Burn Unit, with Brimstone as their mascot. Fever would also kindle a romantic relationship with Fire, resulting in a daughter named Hellfire. Hellfire, alongside Fever and Shadow’s son, Nightfire, later became the new Fifth Hour members of the Post-Meridian Clockwork team.