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Making good progress on the Plague Event characters. Today you get four villains for the price of two, starting with the Plague of Boils characters, Boyle and Lashes. As you may remember, Boyle is a villain from the 1850’s American West who squared off against Hi-N’Un and Lady Luck on several occasions. So I won’t spend too much time rehashing an origin story for him. But Lashes…. Her development gave me an idea to expand Six L’Orange’s universe a bit. You’ll see how in a second, but for now let’s just say that comic book characters don’t stay dead for long, especially when you don’t see them die.
Boyle & Lashes photo 6-Boils-BoyleampLashes_zps8d74aeaf.png
Name: Robert “Robbie” Boyle
Race: Human
Birthplace: Belfast, Ireland
Powers: Boiling touch
Bio: Robbie Boyle was a ruthless crime lord and railroad tycoon who liked to boil the skin off of his enemies. Prior to being killed in battle by Lady Luck, Boyle had no superpowers. But a mysterious being (the same one who is orchestrating the other Plague attacks) resurrected him in modern times, giving Boyle the ability to inflict his favorite punishment by touch. By spreading his MO around the city, Boyle was to draw Frank Hallows away from the hunt for Aaron and cause disharmony among his team through his absence. As an added benefit, Boyle would get to exact his revenge against his old enemies when Frank brought his father and Lady Luck to the present. The woman with Robbie Boyle would also play a key role in the Being’s endgame….

Name: Lashes
Alias: Une L’Orange
Race: Human
Birthplace: Paris, France
Powers: Cybernetically enhanced strength and reflexes, Psychic immunity, Bionic whiplash arm (striking distance unknown).
Bio: Une L’Orange was one of six identical daughters born to failed movie producer Alex L’Orange, who was executed by a faction leader of the Milieu crime syndicate. Une’s sister, Six, witnessed their father’s murder and returned home to find that Une and her other four sisters had presumably been murdered as well. But the Milieu syndicate maintained an iron grip on every aspect of French society, including law enforcement. Under the guise of a multiple-murder investigation, a group of corrupt Police Nationale abducted the five L’Orange girls and handed them over to the local Milieu crime boss.
In conjunction with their partners in the Chinese Triad (who were locked in an illegal arms race with the Yakuza and their Shield battlesuit), the Milieu subjected the L’Orange sisters to brainwashing and cybernetic augmentation experiments. The Milieu boss had a fondness for Le Cirque, and so requested that in exchange for his help in destroying the Yakuza, the Triad must model his five new weapons after famous circus attractions. Une was re-named Lashes, and was modeled after the lion tamer. She became the de-facto tactical leader of the Underworld Circus group, who were later hired as mercenaries to aid Robbie Boyle in his Plague mission. She is with him now, and word has spread to The Director of Clockwork (Six L’Orange) that Milieu assassins may be involved in the Plague attacks. But where are the other four?