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Apparently, it’s been about a week since I put forth a new character, and I came up with two new Plague villains. One you will have to wait for because it would be a spoiler if I gave it to you now.
Here’s a recap of events so far: Lena Black is off chasing Vlad through the streets of New York, all the while under siege by a horde of vampires. Deus X is occupied with the Hybrid invasion of Atlantis. Frank (with Silver in tow) is leading a small contingent of Clockwork heroes, composed Mad Jack, Lady Icarus, Shield, and Rush, to find a cure for Aaron’s flesh-eating virus. Other heroes are out dealing with as-yet-unspecified Plague attacks, but rest assured that Hi-N’Un and Lady Luck will cross paths with their old foe Robbie Boyle in the near future, and the Vedangan duo of Tetra and Dhanusha (whose journey to the Earth Realm somehow divided them) will encounter more villains from their home dimension, beginning with today’s character, Beelzebub.
I based his likeness on a backwards interpretation of the boar’s head from William Golding’s classic novel, Lord Of the Flies. So as you can probably guess, Beelzebub represents the fourth plague of Egypt: the Plague of Animals/Flies.
Beelzebub photo 4-Flies-Beelzebub_zpsd7ca7b74.png
Name: Beelzebub
Alias: Lord Of Flies
Race: Ekronian
Birthplace: The Vedanga Dimension
Powers: Flight, Healing factor, Superhuman strength, Power of suggestion (lost since his beheading and revival), Staff of Baal (opens portals to the Dipteran Dimension, a pocket dimension inhabited entirely by giant flies, and gives the wielder command over them).
Bio: Beelzebub was once the ruler of Vedanga, and although a life in the horrific dimension required ruthlessness, Beelzebub was downright monstrous to his subjects, using his power of suggestion to pit them against one another for his amusement. One day, his power was challenged by Tetra and Dhanusha, who soundly defeated the Boar-Lord together, after finding themselves equally matched to one another. He was beheaded publicly and his kingdom divided between the two champions. Tetra claimed Beelzebub’s palace as her own (Dhanusha not wanting the castle for personal reasons), and assisted her co-champion in constructing a second palace for him. The body of Beelzebub was buried in an iron box beneath the foundation of the new palace, and his head was displayed on a pike outside the gates of Tetra’s kingdom as a reminder of their strength.
When the two champions were forced to leave their collapsed kingdoms for the Earth realm, a powerful being appeared in Vedanga, destroying the Saggitarian palace with a wave of his hand. In no time, He recovered the head and body of Beelzebub, and the Boar-Lord was whole again. The being also gifted Beelzebub with the Staff of Baal, a perverted reconstruction of the original Staff of Moses, that would allow the newly crowned Lord Of Flies to unleash His next Plague upon the Earth.