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Here’s the group shot of Clockwork. I’m still fleshing out the bios for the characters I haven’t done them for yet, but I’ll have the finished copy soon (maybe in the Writers’ Room?).
Clockwork Group photo Group_zps0bcf2682.png

In other news, I’m fully stuck on the Plague of Lice character. Maybe a guy with bugs crawling out of his beard? There are at least three plagues involving insects, and I don’t just want to do a bunch of bug-men or Swarm-type characters, so ideas are welcome.

I’m also pondering a post-Plagues Clockwork event that will feature an even more all-powerful baddie and an Anti-Clockwork team (think Earth-2 Injustice, but not so far as to get myself in trouble), as well as a post-event Clockwork II team.