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I think I finally got the menace on this guy right (admittedly Vlad looks a bit goofy but I’m just going for concepts at this point). What started as a rogues’ gallery for the Pharaoh alone has become something of an anti-Clockwork syndicate composed of villains who have (for lack of a less spoiler-y word) “plagued” one or more of Clockwork’s heroes and/or other heroes in the Timedrop Comics Universe. This group will be based, as I originally intended when Hi-N’Un was the chief protagonist, upon the ten biblical plagues of Egypt. Vlad the Impaler and his fearsome Sword of Tepes obviously embodied the plague of Blood. Now I give you a more subordinate character, based on the plague of Frogs.
 photo 2-Frogs-TheHumanFrog_zps4fdce0be.png
Name: Unknown
Alias: The Human Frog
Race: Hybrid
Birthplace: Atlantis
Powers: Breathes underwater, Superhuman strength, agility, and jumping ability, Heightened senses, Immunity from amphibian-based toxins, Frog-like tongue, Psychic communication with Hybrids (similar to sonar).
Bio: Little is known about the origins of the Human Frog. He is one of dozens of Hybridized Atlanteans created by the Gauntlets’ DNA-altering side-effects, and one of the rare few who retain some small vestige of a civilized personality. It is unknown whether he engineered the Hybrids’ escape or was an escapee himself, but the Human Frog’s slightly advanced brain has allowed him to properly organize the Hybrid refugees into a kind of guerrilla army that he has led in several raids against the fabled sunken city. The latest (and largest Hybrid raid to date) caught the attention of the technologically omniscient surface-dweller known as Deus X. In Atlantis at the behest of his colleague and girlfriend, the infernal Ambassador Icthya, Deus X left his own world vulnerable to attack to aid in suppressing the Atlantean conflict…all according to plan?