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This was another Gods Contest submission. How did I come up with Kauket, you ask? Well, at this time, I was reading the first two books in the offensively, brilliantly funny David Wong series (John Dies At the End and This Book Is Full Of Spiders: Seriously, Dude, Don’t Touch It) and came across a section about the series’ main villain, Korrok. In it he is revealed to be the son of a pagan god known as Kuk (who is the Egyptian frog god of darkness, chaos, and all things bad).
In my research (which amounted to about ten minutes on Wikipedia), I discovered that Kuk, like the other three main deities in Egyptian mythology, has a female counterpart called Kauket.
Kauket, like her male counterpart, is a goddess of chaos and darkness (symbolized by a snake), but also has domain over “the waters” and serves as the bringer of light. The giant blue eye and the jaws floating in the darkness are a nod to David Wong’s Korrok character.