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And here it is:
Le Cirque du Milieu photo LeCirqueGroup_zps1641484d.png
While Robbie Boyle and three members of Le Cirque were keeping Clockwork occupied, Tordre and Charade sneaked into HallowGen disguised as Six L’Orange (isn’t it ironic?) and Frank Hallows, at the Being’s behest. You might think they’re there to steal technology to build some ominous doomsday weapon, or to trick out their already impressive accessories with everything necessary to kill the Clockwork heroes and their associates, but you would only be a fraction as correct as you think. They do steal one of Frank’s spare power cores, but Le Cirque’s true mission is to steal a child. More specifically, Alvin Hallows, the infant son of Clockwork leaders Frank Hallows and Six L’Orange. More biblically, their firstborn son, who is being watched over by Tempora, Frank’s mother (see where having a mime who can interfere with time travel comes in handy?). And the Being has plans for baby Alvin that I will unveil in my next post.