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Kor-Sekra’a is the last of an endangered alien race of phytopaths (those who can communicate with and control plant life). They were the ones responsible for bringing the Twim and their control suit to the land of Oz, and created the technology that would inadvertently unleash the tornado that brought Dorothy Gale to Oz for the first time. Like many who survived encounters with the monkeys and the Twim, Kor-Sekra’a was left without a home when the poppy fields he lived in were razed to the ground by the monkeys’ energy cannons, and sought refuge in the Western Wood.
A small history lesson: He has lived for thousands of years, but Kor-Sekra’a is mortal. Early inhabitants of Oz viewed Kor-Sekra’a as a god, assuming his phytopathic abilities and advanced technology were works of magic. They erected straw effigies of their adopted god to watch over their crops, calling the stuffed guardians Scarecrows, in their primitive backward speech.
At some point, Kor-Sekra’a fell into obscurity, as the Ozians’ understanding and dependence on technology grew to replace their respect for nature. They began to use the control suits to deforest the land en masse and strip-mine the emerald-rich soil beneath to erect their city. As the cries of the fallen trees came to be too much for him, Kor-Sekra’a did something that he had never before had the strength to do: he called upon the ground itself to swallow up every last TWM and control suit (but as you know, there is one that wasn’t accounted for, and was later passed by succession to the present Sheriff of Oz), every last piece of technology he could think of that wasn’t necessary to his own immediate survival. The Emerald City would persist, but without technology Oz reverted to a Luddite monarchy, caught in the middle of a war between the extradimensional beings who ruled the four corners of Oz.
One day a man named Oscar Z. Diggs found his way through an extradimesional portal and landed in the Emerald City, using his knowledge of Earth-realm technology to assert himself as ruler of Oz, preying on the superstitious nature of its citizens but in so doing, the appointed “Wizard of Oz” provided a measure of safety and security to his subjects and united the four corners of Oz against their seemingly magical oppressors until the day Dorothy Gale and her three companions (and her little dog, too) exposed him as a fraud, forcing the Wizard to leave Oz for his own land. But when his balloon once again malfunctioned and Oscar Diggs fell into a chasm in the North, his actions would plunge Oz and the Earth realm into chaos.
Back in the present day of Oz, Kor-Sekra’a sat to the far edges of the Western Wood, warming himself by the light of a fireglobe (Phytopath technology that provided heat without danger of igniting their bark-like skin). He had just recently trapped a deer and incinerated it to the blackened pile of carbon that would sustain his existence for the next month, the smell of charred venison in the air and a thick, dark column of smoke the only signs of his presence. Kor-Sekra’a knew he would have to move quickly to avoid capture by the monkeys and TWM units that were surely on their way.
A sudden tug in the back of his mind; the trees of the Western Wood had passed word (or what passes for words when you’re sharing thoughts with a tree) of a fiery battle just east of his position, and of four strangers coming directly towards him with a TWM unit following in their wake.
Kor-Sekra’a thought back to the trees, telling them to block the strangers’ path long enough for him to escape, but not to retaliate against them in any way. But it didn’t do much good. When he turned to make his escape, Kor-Sekra’a came face-to-face with a girl dressed in the style of the Eastern villages, and fell back in surprise. The girl seemed to radiate heat from an unknown source, which made Kor-Sekra’a reluctant to take her hand when she offered to help him up.
The rest of the strangers soon joined the girl, Dorothy and Tynmen helping the strange camper to his feet. Upon hearing his tale, including his involvement in the creation of the Twim, Shin Lao growled in anger and moved to attack, but Yong-Xi was able to calm him with a touch and bid Kor-Sekra’a to continue. Dorothy’s eyes brightened at the mention of the tornado portal and asked if he could help her return home. Kor-Sekra’a said he could not, having buried all but the most essential technology hundreds of years ago. But he knew that if he could find his Brain (the central computer that ultimately controls all other Phytopath technology), he could put the TWM units and flying monkeys out of commission and possibly build a tornado machine that would return Dorothy to Kansas, along with anyone else who wished to go with her to defeat the witches.
With their tales told once again, Dorothy, Tynmen, Shin Lao, Yong-Xi, the TWM, and Kor-Sekra’a (whom Dorothy insisted on calling the Scarecrow for his resemblance to a lost friend from her first visit to Oz) made their way to the Northern Mountains in search of “the Scarecrow’s” lost computer.