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Sheriff Woodward Tynmen was once the voice of law and order in the land of Oz, but with the Emerald City fallen to the witches’ campaign of destruction, Sheriff Tynmen found himself on the run in a barren wasteland, hunted by mechanical flying monkeys the witches had unearthed shortly after Dorothy and the deposed Wizard departed for the Earth realm.
He was able to hide from them in the forest of Oz, but was soon at the mercy of a bigger threat: when the witches released the flying monkeys, they also unfortunately set loose a giant, axe-weilding robot they hoped would lay waste to the woods and wreak havoc on the Ludite citizens of Oz while they sought revenge against Dorothy.
Though the flying monkeys continued their pursuit unaffected, Tynmen was somehow able to soothe the lumbering mech and bring it under his control with little more than a thought. With the massive TWM (as the designation on its left arm declared) at his command, Tynmen easily dispatched the monkeys and continued on his way. But his life would soon be complicated when a familiar red-haired girl came crashing down on his head.