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Perhaps I will think of another character concept before Sunday, but for now my final entry into the Public Domain contest is Elemental Witch Dorothy Gale:
When a new generation of evil witches began invading the Earth realm, Dorothy Gale was their first target, since she had vanquished their predecessors. The new East and West witches converged their fury on the state of Kansas, devastating the countryside with the mother of all tornadoes. They thought Dorothy and her family had perished in the storm (note that this includes her dog Toto. The dog in the picture is a familiar Dorothy would later conjure with her water magic in the likeness of Toto), but Dorothy survived, banished to the land of Oz. She found that the Emerald City she had briefly called home was also in ruins at the hands of the witches, left vulnerable in the absence of the Wizard, and the good witches of the North and South had been slaughtered by their evil sisters. With revenge on her mind for the deaths of her Earth family and those she called friends in Oz, Dorothy sought the Wizard once more–this time with the purpose of learning the magic of the elements so that she could create her own tornado vortex, return to Kansas, and melt the murderous witches with her new water powers.