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I got one character into the Pharaoh’s rogues’ gallery and decided to seek inspiration elsewhere. Given the History contest this week, I took a concept I had been kicking around since the PD Superheroes contest and gave her an Old West makeover. As chance would have it, she’s also the Seven O’Clock character in my Clockwork project. Here’s the Quality Comics heroine Lady Luck (seven is a lucky number, get it?) re-imagined and ret-conned as a Wild West gunfighter.
 photo LadyLuck_zpsb8725125.png
Name: Brenda Suerte
Alias: Lady Luck
Race: Human
Birthplace: Belfast, Ireland
Powers: Expert marksmanship, power over probability, can sense a person’s potential (threat level, special powers, etc.) by looking at them.
Bio: The clover birthmark over Brenda’s left eye is not a genetic abnormality, but a magic talisman–a symbol of her destiny. Given up for adoption by her Irish parents, who knew the legend and tragedy of those who bear the clover, Brenda was raised in a Spanish convent. The nuns called her “Suerte,” the Spanish word for luck, because of the birthmark and her fantastic ability to sense and avoid impending danger.
When she came of age, Brenda chose to leave the convent and travel the world, eventually making her way (chance of all chances) onto a shipping vessel populated by Irish immigrants looking for a new start in the American West. Brenda began working as a burlesque dancer, honing her skills as a markswoman in her off hours as a way to defend herself from the more rowdy clientele. Her innate ability to manipulate probability lent an uncanny accuracy to her shooting, and the newly dubbed “Lady Luck” left the burlesque life for a career as a touring sharpshooter.
But life was not all work and play for Lady Luck. Her superior gunfighting skills made her an easy and frequent target for corrupt railroad tycoon Robbie Boyle, who lived up to his name by boiling the skin off of any who stood in the way of his illegal enterprises, and was ultimately killed in battle by Lady Luck.
In her clashes with Boyle and his lackeys, Lady Luck often found herself teaming up with a bandage-clad vigilante who goes by the name High Noon (although we know the spelling to be quite a bit different). When not saving their small town from the clutches of corporate tyranny, Lady Luck and the Pharaoh developed a romantic relationship as well, kindled by her sense of his royal, heroic stature (and, in greater part, by her slight resemblance to Tempora Doce, the time-witch who cursed the Pharaoh several thousand years earlier).
When a long-deceased Boyle inexplicably rears his head in modern day America, the on-and-off duo are approached by a time-traveling Frank Hallows (the Pharaoh’s son) with an offer to join Clockwork.