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I’ve been trying to build characters that have a common item theme (not necessarily built from the same category, but from similar-looking items). Could this have led me to create the first albino superheroine?
Moth photo Moth_zps194ce1a6.png
I created her as kind of an homage to Chris Cornell (lead singer of Soundgarden, Audioslave, Temple of the Dog, etc.) via word association: First I decided to do a costume with holes in it. That led me to thinking moth-holes, then to black holes, then “Black Hole Sun,” then back to “Moth,” so I had to put the flame in there, and so the flying albino superheroine known as Moth was born. She won’t fly around your fire anymore, but she just might suck it into another universe (perhaps one where there’s a “Shadow On the Sun?”). Somebody stop me before I hang myself with a “Pretty Noose.” Goodnight.