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Thanks, HK!
Here, now with shading and a new bio, is Apollo’s chosen mortal, Ray Quincy:
Apollo photo Apollo-RayQuincySunWolf_zps7eb30347.png
Name: Sun Wolf
Alias: Ray Quincy
Race: Human/Wolf
Birthplace: Olympia, WA
Powers: Werewolf-like transformation, Canine senses, Superhuman strength and reflexes, Sonic howl.
Bio (RetConned): Ray Quincy is the chosen mortal of Apollo. Born with a sun birthmark, Ray has the ironic ability to transform into a werewolf-like state (without the contagious bite/scratch true werewolves possess) by absorbing moonlight energy into his body. He does not require full moonlight, however, the phase of the moon determines the strength of his powers while in that form. Early transformations left Ray in a feral frame of mind that caused him to attack any living thing that crossed his path, and led to his eventual incarceration in the Cerberus compound, where his sister was also being held in a separate room to keep her powers from fueling his transformation.