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@ JR, Hammerknight and Atomic: Good to see feedback on my stuff, guys.
Unfortunately, I was a little late on the draw with Fifth Hour, so they were not up for consideration this time.
Notes on Fifth Hour: Actually, they hardly ever fight as a trio. Any fires generated by Fever would affect the stability and location of any nearby shadows, making it difficult if not impossible for Shadow to use her powers reliably. Likewise, Rush’s super speed, combined with his impulsive, lone wolf nature, could be dangerous in the company of his father, whose powers could be amplified or weakened by the windshear his son generates while running at high speed. There’s also an unknown side-effect to mixing Shadow’s teleportation and the upper limits of Rush’s super speed that could make a sick story line, but as it’s unknown, I haven’t figured out how to explain it yet.
Therefore, if Fifth Hour were to become a comic book, it would start out as something like Marvel Team-Up, switching between duo combinations of the three characters as they discover their powers and deal with how their family dynamic changes upon discovering the consequences of mixing their powers in battle (perhaps even going so far as to do one or two brainwashing stories, a la the Fantastic Four’s encounter with Hatemonger and Sue Storm/Malice).

@ Moderators: Thank you for including my Two O’Clock Warriors in the Top Five poll this week. I’ve been geeking out all day at the thought of just being nominated.