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I’m still stuck on the twins (Apollo and Artemis), but in the meantime, here’s my Aphrodite character, Scarlett Ford:
Aphrodite photo Aphrodite-ScarlettFord_zps29947e51.png
She’s a bit sexually suggestive in dress and appearance, but Scarlett Ford doesn’t have to be. Branded with Aphrodite’s Rose, Scarlett exudes a supernatural pheromone that makes men fall in love with her and do pretty much whatever she tells them. This has had some fatal consequences in her past (men jumping off of bridges or drowning in lakes after she utters an offhand figure of speech in their direction). Her ravings about how all the men around her keep dying led Scarlett’s family to have her committed. As her powers increased, so did incidents in the asylum and her frequent insistence that she was a danger to others. The asylum granted ultimately granted her requests for a straightjacket, a mouthguard, an airtight room, and an all-female staff to attend to her needs.
But things were getting intense outside the asylum’s walls as well, and a compound had been approved and constructed to house Olympia’s super-powered criminals. Scarlett (designated “Cerberus Patient A” under the new facility’s coding system, as she was to be the Cerb compound’s first detainee).
Unfortunately, as can happen when bureaucracy gets involved with public safety, the transport team sent to retrieve Scarlett was headed by Martin Spears, who was not made privy to the nature of his prisoner. As a chosen mortal himself, Spears was immune to Scarlett’s suggestive power, but her pheromones still caused Martin to fall in love with her on sight. When he returned with her to the transport, Scarlett pleading with him to go away and let her go, the rest of the team immediately fell under her influence and walked away as she asked, but Martin would still not leave her alone. His immunity to her power intrigued her and after a moment she calmed down.
Martin took Scarlett home with him and cared for her, homeschooling the girl, cooking her meals, neither of them aware for the majority of their time together that the other was also a chosen mortal.
One night, Scarlett made the mistake of asking Martin if he truly loved her or if he was under her power. He asked her what she was talking about, and when she told him what she could do–had done in the past without realizing she was the cause–he became enraged and threw her out of the house.
Keeping out of sight as much as she could, Scarlett walked the streets of Olympia in search of shelter until she came upon the Mount Olympia school, where she was taken in by Era Zayas and introduced to the other New Olympians.