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Here is a villain from Tina Pallas’ past, her Yakuza academy classmate, Purple Dragon:
Purple Dragon photo PurpleDragon_zps6f4e058c.png
Similar to the New Olympians’ birthmarks, Purple Dragon derives his power from a dragon tattoo he was branded with at birth in hopes that he would be the next leader of the fearsome Ryuunin (Dragon Ninja) clan. He is able to focus the energy from his tattoo and forge his sword into a harder, sharper blade, or fire the dragon energy at his enemies in whatever form he chooses.
Having no desire to be either a leader or a slave to destiny, Purple Dragon used his power to slaughter the entire Ryuunin clan, drawing the interest of their Yakuza enemies. Purple Dragon’s only purpose for being enrolled in the Yakuza academy was to fulfill his unending desire to kill, and Tina Pallas’ presence there stood in the way of him achieving that goal. He has no allegiance to any but himself, and will kill Tina Pallas, the entire Yakuza organization, or whoever else crosses his path, if it gets him closer to watching the world burn at his own hand.