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I’d like to thank Can’tDraw for the pose behind my Athena character, Tina Pallas.
Athena photo Athena-TinaPallas_zps99dddedb.png
Tina was marked with the olive branch representing Athena. Tina’s power is the ability to summon a suit of energy armor that protects her from even the most destructive of conventional weaponry and provides limited protection against Olympian and Pantheon abilities, including Peter Orcus’ death touch, as well as giving her the ability to fly. The mark of Athena also imbues her with a warrior’s instinct for stealth, strategy, and natural mastery of any given self-defense discipline.
Yearning to discover the nature of her strange gifts, Tina persuaded her parents to let her move to Japan, alone, at the tender age of eight. Her travels in Japan led her to join a martial arts school with an ancient and particularly unorthodox method of instruction; it was a place where ninja were made and broken, a training academy for Yakuza recruits with special talents. With her innate skill, Tina rose to the top of her class, making both allies (Nihonto and Shirudo, a.k.a. Sword and Shield) and enemies (Purple Dragon) for her minimal efforts. But the school failed to provide any enlightenment as to her origins or her purpose in the world (of course, there was also the fact that the Yakuza are evil…), and Tina thought it prudent to put her newly accquired Ninjitsu talents to good use, escaping on penalty of capture and death to the city of Athens, Greece, where a woman named Oracle told her of the goddess Athena and the gods’ efforts to pass on their dying legacy to deserving mortals in Olympia. Oracle also instructed Tina in the use of her armor before giving her a mission to return home to share her knowledge with the other chosen New Olympians.