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Here’s my Demeter character, wielding her twin-bladed scythe of fire:
Demeter photo Demeter-KarenDemetrius_zps1c4c5139.png
Karen Demetrius was marked with the torch of Demeter, giving her pyrokinetic abilities. After losing her home and family in an unexplained fire, Karen was placed with a foster family, but when she came of age her powers began manifesting more uncontrollably than before and she ran away from home. While on the run, Karen crossed paths with a young Javier Zayas, and the two became romantically involved. But he also shared with her the secret of his own power and how he was able to take control of it; in a way, Karen was not only his first love but also his first student.
In present day Olympia, Stephanie Zayas (Javier and Karen’s daughter, and recipient of the mark of Persephone) has joined with Peter Orcus (Hades’ chosen mortal) and the New Pantheon, a neighborhood gang composed of delinquents who were marked by lesser gods. Karen has come to the Mount Olympia Martial Arts Academy to ask Javier’s help in steering their daughter back on the right path.