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Thanks, Jeimuzu.

I really love the new hair items, and one came in handy when I was designing the head of my Poseidon character for the third time. He’s the only New Olympian so far to have his powers manifest physically.
Poseidon photo Poseidon-TrentAegaeus_zps1270821c.png
Trent Aegaeus was born human, but his trident birthmark began to change his appearance when the boy reached puberty, transforming him into an amphibious hybrid with the ability to communicate telepathically with marine life and manipulate the state and form of nearby water (including drawing moisture from the air) to use as a weapon or for short-distance flight. His mutated appearance made the young Trent a social outcast and led him to seek asylum at the Mount Olympia Martial Arts Academy. But as his new form began to manifest more strongly, Trent could no longer live on land and had to be transferred to the Atlantean Lyceum, a school that was initially established by Icthya to help the detained hybrids re-enter Atlantean society in the wake of their failed invasion. In Trent Aegaeus’ time, it has become a sort of finishing school for gifted Atlantean youth. Icthya’s daughter, Amphitrite (who also becomes a member of the post-Meridian Clockwork team under the alias “Binary”) is a student there, and quickly becomes a love interest for the “new fish.” At the Lyceum, Trent learns to control his Poseidon abilities (all the time concealing his birthmark, the true origin of his power, to avoid causing any superstitious uproar among the students and faculty–with the exception of Amphitrite) to the point that he can shapeshift from his amphibian form to human and back again without compromising the integrity of his hydromancy powers.