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Oh man, you guys. Got a crazy avatar request from the forums the other day. You just have to read it, it’s for Shadowrun and it’s a Pixie PC:

He is short (half a meter) has large orange and black butterflyesque vestigial wings. his complextion is dark tan almost brown (one olive, one brown parent. dark caramel??) and he has Dark brown hair in dreadlocks that reach the middle of his back and a short but full beard. he also has tattoos acros much of his upper body. his features look somewhat aboriginal (heavy brow, wide flat nose) He tends to dress down scale, prefering overalls or a singlet and jeans and rarely wears something with sleeves. has some oranamentation in his hair and a couble of wooden/bead braclets, Wears heavy work boots. Has biker stlye heavy skull rings and has two large tribal style piercings in his ears. the tattos are mostly polynesian tribal designs.

And here is the result:

As you all know, the dreadlock options are kinda weak, so I had to cobble together this guys glorious mane. Also, I’d never done tattoos so that was fun. Probably doesn’t look very aboriginal, but I didn’t want to do anything goofy to force it. All in all, the most detailed request I’d ever received. Fun.