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Alright, so you guys won me over. Took about a year, but I’ve come around. I used to feel like the shading techniques didn’t really add much to the works. I felt like it just took a stylized cartoonish drawing and made it look like a poorly rendered, stylized cartoonish CG. That if you chose your colors well enough you didn’t really need to do the highlights and shading. What factored into it more than those feelings though, was that it probably doubled the amount of time it took me to do a piece. Well, it’s growing on me aesthetically, and as I’ve become more and more familiar with the system and the techniques, it’s become much quicker to do.

That said, I’ve started going back through my old works and adding shading. I’m just going to add the redone pic in the original post, for easy comparisons sake. So far I’ve only done the cigarette flicking ork, and the fairy in the bottle. Enjoy!