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I’m the writer, it was just that I lost my password and the email address to get my new one has issues blah blah blah I’ve decided to edit this first chapter, now that i read this I think I want to restart this story. so hears the new edited Chapter 1: The Cheating Merchant

The story begins in the Great Lands in the thick forest of Greshnir. In the middle of this emerald kingdom lied a dirt road leading to the nearest village. It was who, who was on this path that I had the pleasure of meeting. The stranger whom was lying on the dirt road arose from his unexpected slumber. Dazed and confused he slowly got to his feet. Bewildered and unbeknownst of his current surroundings, he scanned the area trying to make a sense of his location. Petrified he then began to shout deafeningly for help to try and catch the attention of a passing merchant or hunter. But his cry for assistance was only heard by the fleeing birds and forest animals bypassing him. Overwhelmed with his current situation the muscular man took a seat on the dirt path and took in air to try and recoup his strength.

At first the forest that seemed endless was silent and only the slightest of vibrations could be heard. Suddenly the enigmatic figure heard a voice that appeared to be getting louder, screaming for help. He then located the sudden echo approaching from the small hill north of him. Curious of the unexpected voice, he charged up the slightly smooth peak to discover the origin of the sound. As he got to the top of the hill he suddenly felt this gust of wind collide with his large, muscular chest. But this was no strong breeze, it was me. He looked down below himself and stared at me. I was running for my dear life and this cryptic individual without difficulty halted my exodus. He lowered himself down and assisted me to my feet, I tried to make my break but I was too late.

All of a sudden two, gasping town guards were situated in front of us. They had been chasing me since the markets that were a few minutes away. Due to the position I was in, being held by this stranger, the two sentries believed that he apprehended me. Grateful for his good deed the eldest of the two town guards showed his appreciation.

“Thank you citizen for your charitable act, your services are now no longer needed, we will now handle the situation, good day.”

I leaned over to the stranger, whom now let me go and whispered to him “Help me”.

The mysterious man responded to my cry for help and asked the guards.

“What crimes has this man committed that he needed to be chased?”

The abrupt question was an unanticipated but the experienced guard responded.

“This cheating merchant sold me and my fellow guardsman fake diamonds, when he returned to his store for our coins, he refused to give us a refund, and insulted our intelligence. As it is against the law to smear an Imperial soldier, he must be detained and charged.”

The inquisitive man then responded again with another question, this time now angering the two guards.

“What will be his punishment?”

Maddened the guard answered again.

“The penalty is death. Now hand him over!”

The stranger then glanced at me and then said to the now irritated guards.

“That I cannot allow.”

Both of the Imperial soldiers were shocked to hear his treason and shouted.

“How dare you try and avert this man’s arrest, your duplicity offends the Emperor! You shall also suffer the penalty of death!”

The muscular man pulled me behind him to prepare to fight, and the soldiers drew their razor-sharp blades. The stranger clenched his large fist, and then without warning they charged at him swinging their swords. The younger of the two swung his blade upward into the air and compelled it down, but its forceful plunge was halted. The strange man had taken hold of his forearm; he removed the sword abruptly out of his hand and dropped it on the ground. He then thumped the man with a massive right hook, swiftly colliding with his cheekbone and instantly breaking it. The sudden force knocked the guard unconscious.

Whilst this struggle happened the other guard utilizing his experience encircled the stranger trying to find his moment to strike. Unbeknownst of the position of the second guard I alerted to the foreigner.

“Watch out, he’s behind you!”

The senior guard peered at me but only to look back and to see a large knuckles collide with his timeworn face. I witnessed as the powerful hit propelled him across from me. The two bruised and battered soldiers helped each other up and ran off, with their last words being.

“You will regret what you have just done, we will be back!”

I stood there bedazzled, in my entire pointless life I have never seen Imperial soldiers been thrown around like that. I began to cheer and shout.

“you did it! Whoa! I mean thank the gods you have rescued me! I am in forever in your debt! Please do not be afraid to ask me anything!”

He then looked at me, and said something that startled me.

“Where am I?”…