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Chapter 1: The Cheating Merchant

The story starts in the Great Lands in the thick forest of Greshnir. In the middle of the forest, on a path leading to the nearest village lies a man. He had just woken up, dazed and confused, asking himself ‘Where am I?’, ‘What is this place?’, ‘What is this place?’‘Who am I?’. He jumped around, extremely scared, he had no clue of how he had gotten here. Their was fear in his eyes, but not the fear of unknown force going to attack him, he was large and was very capable of defending himself. This fear was the fear inside, he didn’t know where he was, how he got here, and not even who is. This man knew nothing of himself, he didn’t know his name, nor his date of birth. He began to sweat, constantly looking around him, he then began to shout “Hello? Hello? Anyone there? Please I need help!”.

At first it was quite, but suddenly he heard a noise and it was coming this way. He knew the noise was coming from the small hill above him, so he charged up the hill to find the origin of the noise. As he got to the top of hill he felt this gust of wind hit his body. But this was no wind, it was me. He looked down and saw me, I was running and was just halted by this man’s shear size. He picked me up from my arm and as I got to my feet, I said to him “Help Me!”

Suddenly stood in front of us was two Imperial soldiers. They were breathing heavily, as they had been chasing me since the markets. They saw this strange man holding me by the arm, as if he was helping them catch the culprit. “Thank you peasant, now please hand over the merchant.”

The strange man then spoke “What has he done to you to deserve to be chased?”

“He sold us both faulty love charms, when we came back to get our gold coins, he simply insulted us and ran off. As it states in the law, insulting a soldier is insulting the Emperor.” They replied.

“What is his punishment?” Asked the strange man.

“The penalty is death. Now hand him over.” They replied swiftly and then smiled at me.

The giant of a man then said “your going to kill a man because he insulted you? I am sorry but I can not allow this to happen.”

The soldiers were finally sick of the conversation and shouted “How dare you question the laws of Emperor! You to shall also suffer the penalty of death!”

The large man pulled me behind him, the soldiers drew their swords. The stranger clenched his fist, and suddenly they charged at him. The first soldier swung his sword way up into the air and forced it down, but as it came down it stopped. The behemoth had grabbed his forearm, he pulled the sword out of his hand and threw it into the bushes beside us. He then picked him above his head and threw him into a tree. The second soldier attacked him from behind, he was going to die for sure so I alerted him “Watch out, he’s behind you!”

The soldier looks behind at me and stares at me and looks back only to see a large fist collide with his face. As if it was slow motion, I watched this soldier fly across from me and saw his nose broken, and some of his teeth missing. The two injured soldiers struggled to get up but as they did, they knew they couldn’t win this fight. The soldier with the broken noise helped his injured comrade and dragged him with him and shouted back at the large man “you haven’t heard the last of us, the Imperial army will come find you, and they will kill you!”

I stood there bedazzled, I have never seen Imperial soldiers been beaten up as if they just kids. I ran up to the large man and hugged him, I looked up and well he wasn’t very happy. I let go and shouted in laughter “you did it! You did it! Whoa! You picked that soldier up and threw! I mean thank the gods that you have rescued me! I am in your debt, please do not be afraid to ask me anything!”

He then looked at me and spoke “Where am I?”…