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So I’m back down in England for a wee while, visiting family, and my Mum was looking over my shoulder at some of the images in AMS’s thread, which I was browsing at the time. Well, one thing led to another, and so I present to you the first collaborative creation of my mum and me: Magaluf Man.
Backstory: Whilst holidaying with his wife and kids in Majorca, Gary ‘Gazza’ White becaming the ever-so-slightly pathetic superhero: Magaluf Man. One morning, Gazza woke up to find (to his great surprise) a pair of wings had sprouted on his back. However, try as he might, he just couldn’t achieve lift-off (possibly due to his fondness for pies), and so he had to make do with flapping his wings *really* hard to create a strong breeze.

Using this ‘Superpower’ and his already considerable strength and boxing prowess, Gazza has taken to the streets of Magaluf, vowing never to rest until justice and peace reign in that fair city. He’s also joined a weight watchers group, and hopes one day to be able to use his wings for what they were intended.