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This next one is called Conduit, A.K.A Josh Whitson. Josh, a slightly awkward PhD student, is the unlikely centre-piece of the team, as his power is what brought them all together. Josh is able to sense the presence of another empowered human via emotional empathy, if they’re nearby, he feels what they feel. In addition, he can link up the minds of multiple empowered humans into a sort of telepathic conference call. When he is around, the team can communicate without words, a huge tactical advantage.

Josh first discovered his powers when walking past Jenny (see page 1), and suddenly being overpowered by a sense of isolation and despair. This was just when Jenny’s skin had began turning transparent (she was heavily made-up at the time), and as a result her life was falling apart. A few more chance meetings, and Josh figured out what was going on. The story had begun!