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@livewyre1014 said:

good start man…already posing well and bringing attitude to the illustrations. Welcome aboard.

Thanks mate, appreciated.

So… the next in the installment. Esmé Rosetta, a femme-fatale sort-of-villain-but-more-opportunist-criminal-who-teams-up-with-the-main-cast-against-a-common-foe-and-meets-her-untimely-end with the power of pheremone manipulation and retractable ‘thorns’ from her fingertips. Each thorn has a different poison on, and they all do different things.

This one took *ages*. I’m happy with it though. I think I may have made the outfit a *little* bit too revealing (modesty in clothing is a good thing!), but I wanted the whole pheremone-manipulation-seduce-you-and-then-steal-averything-in-your-bank to be obvious. There’s my excuse. Also, the whole shifting it over bug happened again, but this time it rotated it back to the defaults, hence why she looks like she’s going to fall over!