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Yeah, no problem. I’ll upload a text file of the face too if you’d like (but I’m on my ipad at the moment). So basically it’s just a normal head, but squashed vertically slightly. Then I used three masked circle insignia for the three rounded corners of the chin, and then squashed-into-a-line square insignia to join them up. That’s the outline.

The rest is just masking the left over bit of the head/covering with skin coloured rectangles, and positioning the facial features so it looks like he’s looking up the way. Not many haircuts work, so I just went for a basic one that happened to. Nothing fancy there!

Anyway, hope that helps. That seems to be one of the really good things about this forum, a proper willingness to share knowledge and experience. Glad I could add a small (very small!) drop into the ocean!

Right. Back to final year lasers and optic systems. Fun stuff.