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Memorial Day in the United States. Always remember.

Character Contest 41: Art Martial

Lots of typos and lousy grammar in my last post. Moving on. I try to include an off-beat design in every contest. This time, I thought of celebrities named “Art” or “Arthur.” Who better to pun than 60s/70s folk singer Art Garfunkel?

For those not familiar, the harmonic Simon & Garfunkel were a huge success. Music being a matter of personal taste, I say that they masterfully blended traditional folk with urban subject matter (“The Boxer” and “The Sound of Silence” come to mind). Also, they revived the Medieval troubador ballad “Scarborough Fair.” The song topped at #11 on the Billboard Chart in 1968. Ah, mellow gold!

Simon & Garfunkel officially broke up around 1970 before I was born. Even then, their music brings back many fond memories.

My tagline for this entry was: “Poor Garfunkel hasn’t been the same since Simon split. He lost his passion for music and turned to Mixed Martial Arts.”

Martial Art