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Character Contest 40: Southern Fried Heroes

Last entry for the contest is Bonnie Blue. The Bonnie Blue is a simple flag (lone white star on a blue field). It represents the “Republic of West Florida” which encompassed the Florida panhandle to eastern parts of Louisiana in the early 19th Century. Though Bonnie Blue is the main character, this is a brother-sister team. They are part of my meta-verse.

Bonnie Blue


I wrote her background as a last letter from her uncle:
My Dearest Jenny and Jacob,

The McCarthy family has deep roots in Louisiana. Going back before the short-lived Republic of West Florida. The modern McCarthys had just entered into the multi-millionaires’ club. Sully, your bless’ed father, had signed a long-term contract as a NASCAR Crew Chief. He had just upgraded his already successful repair shop to a miniature factory.

The lawyers and accountants who brokered the contract approached him with an offer. They would use his garage as a front to warehouse drugs and guns. Now, the McCarthys themselves have kin who bootleg and do some rum-running. So Sully didn’t think much of it. Just carrying on a family tradition.

Except Sully got greedy. He cooked his books unbeknownst to the T-, G-, and even the X-Men. (You see, at the time, your father was so renowned he had a contract with the Xavier Academy to do emergency repairs.) Then he started pocketing the drug lords’ money. Next thing you know, Sully McCarthy and his lovely wife Isabella died in a wreck on Highway 12 around the Florida stateline.

The patrol concluded that it was a single car accident. Doesn’t explain how their dog was found a mile up the road with a bullet in his ear. Nor does it explain how their 2-year old paternal twins survived. But I know the answer to that.

See, I rescued you. Convinced my associates that you were too young to remember. I was a moonshiner and part-time contract killer. Well, I was a moonshiner. My first hit was supposed to be a mule who stole from some Houston drug lord. As much as I could, there was no way that I could save Sully or Miss Bella.

Still don’t know what happened to that dog. Figured that I took care of his killer when I took care of Sully’s killers. Not only did I not have to split the money, but the drug lord was mighty impressed with my efficiency. We can all agree that three can keep a secret if two are dead.

I took you kits to my wife, who worked at the hospital. She was able to not only certify your deaths, but get you adopted by another McCarthy clan. Though, they’s lazy-ass Shreveport McCarthys. Better than you dead, anyway. Being a moonshiner, I knew a few judges. We were able to tie up your family’s estate in probate for years.

You are supposed to get this letter on your 18th Birthday. With it, you will find a key. It is for a vault at the National Bank of Baton Rouge. Inside the vault is a second key. That key goes to a safe deposit box at the branch in Livonia. In that box, you will find everything: your father’s money (with T-Bill interest), your parents’ last will, the titles to all their land and holdings, and, most importantly, another key with a map.

The third key goes to Sully’s old shop. Had it moved and re-built to a secret location off Highway 12. You will find everything you need. You’ll know what to do.

They’re coming for me, chers. I don’t have much time. Bonne chance!

Your loving great-uncle,

Louis McCarthy