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The Atomic Punk

Character Contest 40: Southern Fried Heroes

Rather happy with this concept and character. Not just for his menacing face. To me, he captures an alien vibe, a strange culture. It’s why I choose the offset contrast of grey skin against form-fitting copper body armor with thigh-high boots. I wanted this Zoogie to be a living tank with a hint of Alabama Song (… The Doors… ask your parents, kids).

The Zoogies


The Garkergarkarks came to Birmingham, Alabama, searching for hematite and quartz. What they found instead were friendly locals and a new source of wine.

“Garkergarkark” does not quite roll of the Southern tongue. Also, humans tend to the prejudice that “they all look alike.” Some yellowhammers began to call them “Zoogies” after the Alabama State Fossil, the Zeuglodon. They look somewhat like the prehistoric whale with oily grey skin and menacing teeth. Then there is the “blowhole”. The Zoogies are able to close this air cavity much like a whale or dolphin.

Zoogies are considered by the inter-stellar community as somewhat primitive. They depend on other species for space-faring. In exchange, Zoogies fill manual labor jobs in some of the most extreme conditions. They are able to store oxygen for up to forty-five minutes before having to respirate. Because of their thick skin and overall physique, they are able to survive some extreme atmospheric pressures. They can survive deep ocean dives, even walk on moons.

Humans deride them with maritime analogies such as traveling in “pods”, females are “cows”, the young are “calves”. Though, everyone knows not to mess with a “bull” when he’s enjoying his favorite White Oak wine.