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The Atomic Punk

Thanks, Black Griffin. Tailypo gave me nightmares!

Character Contest 40: Southern Fried Heroes

For the remaining characters, I switched to state motifs. For example, Spes holding yellow Jessamines. Also, Spes is on South Carolina’s State Seal. Not quite happy with the way she’s holding her bouquet. I also got to thinking: “Why would a telekinetic wave her hand? And why is the hand glowing?” Despite those oversights, Spes is part of my meta-verse. Haven’t decided whether she’s telekinetic (ESP) or an energy blaster.



Dianne Polyonis is a native of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and a telekinetic. She drew inspiration for her super motif from Spes, the Goddess of Hope. Like the goddess, Dianne uses her power to disarm criminals and dismantle their weapons. She can also generate powerful TK shields and push objects.

The only thing Dianne was missing was a bouquet of Yellow Jessamines. So recently, she decided to enter the Miss Super South Carolina Contest. And, of course, she won. Much to the envy of Georgetown’s Black River Bombshell.