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Character Contest 39: Dinomarines

The name escapes me, but another entrant introduced the Phantom and the Shadowed Ones. A villain who unleashed dinosaurs onto the modern world. I thought it was a good story and added my own chapter.

1st Marine Division (Armored): The Dinomarines


Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California:

Marines are always “First In, Last Out.” The Shadow Nation had split the earth open. Rising from downtown Honolulu, Hawaii. Destroying everything in its wake. Soon after, the Shadowed Ones invaded California. The Phantom began transforming the land into his. The Shadowed Ones introduced exotic and extinct flora and fauna. They seemed unstoppable.

However, they could not extinguish the fierce resistance of the humans. They under-estimated the Devil’s Own Nightmare: The United States Marines. They fight with what supplies that they have. Ocassionally, airlifts are successful. The Dinomarines will never leave California until the Shadowed Ones and their “Neo-Tojo” are all dead.