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Character Contest 38: Random Name II

My final and favorite entry is Blue Fool. He is definitely part of my meta-verse. Same goes for the other players in his story. Las Vegas mobster Tony Fatoni and his “Nico’s Casino” were already established. However, Tony did not have a foil. Thanks to HeroMachine and Seventh Sanctum, he now has a fool.

Blue Fool


Aspiring Olympic gymnast Roland Deneuf found himself far from his native Louisiana and in Las Vegas. He had always been a champion athlete, straight-A student, and class clown. Becoming a world-class theatrical performer would have been a dream job. Instead, Roland struggles to hold down a job as a part-time blackjack dealer.

He was dismissed from the U.S. Olympic Team for testing positive for a banned substance. Though he knows that he has never knowingly taken any. With all his talents, the stigma is powerful enough that even parents would not hire him to entertain children’s birthday parties.

What the Olympic Committee did not tell Roland is that the test results were false. Mutants tend to register positive on standard tests. This was enough that jealous rivals were able to ban him from competition. Roland’s special gift is a highly accelerated metabolism. So high, not only does he rapidly heal, he is able to create blue fire. He is pyrokinetic.

Nurse Jenny, an attendant at a local plasma center, discovered the truth when Roland went there to get extra cash. She was helping Roland learn to harness his power. Until the mob took over the clinic. They tried turning it into a front for drug smuggling and their own mutant and super-human lab.

Before she could testify to a grand jury about the mob’s activities, Nurse Jenny disappeared. Her fate is still unknown. Roland continued his job as a part-time blackjack dealer at Nico’s Casino.

While working a private party for the casino’s owner, Tony Fatoni, Roland overheard the players talk about the clinic and Nurse Jenny. It was then that he decided to find her and shut down the mob’s villain factory.

Roland still works at the casino, keeping his ear open for the latest criminal activity. He fights the mob at every turn as Blue Fool. Whether leaking anonymous tips to the police and media or fighting their super-soldiers in the streets.

He knows that he is in a dangerous situtation. Though Nurse Jenny never kept a record of her work with Roland, the mob has access to the clinic’s old records. Any day, they might discover that their favorite card dealer “Frenchie” is also their worst, not to mention most sarcastic, enemy.