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The Atomic Punk

Character Contest 38: Random Name II

Number 7 of 10: Alien Chill. Still trying to decide whether to include actual alien races in my mecha-verse. This random name gave me an opportunity to create a space opera villain.

Alien Chill


The expansionist Sogatti Empire has won many decisive battles against the galaxy. Known as the Common Defense, once enemies now concentrate their efforts to repel the invader. It is a shaky, self-serving alliance. Still, the majority of the allied worlds and systems are determined to liberate the Universe from Sogatti tyranny before they return to waging war against each other.

The most infamous Sogatti is An’Chall. He is the Aleenal, the Master General of the Sogatti Marines. He uses shock tactics and psychological warfare against civilian populations. Repeatedly, he has sacrificed thousands of his own soldiers for the smallest of gains. His reputation for brutal efficiency and sadism have well earned Aleenal An’Chall’s anglicized nomme de guerre: Alien Chill.