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The Atomic Punk

Character Contest 38: Random Name II

Fight Basher… an odd name, even though it was random. I tried to incorporate it in a way that made sense. The belt doesn’t fit his waist. I’m more perturbed by his lack of a nose and ears. Overall, I’m okay with my interpretation. I think his costume and gear say “saboteur.” I will probably tweak his design, give him a new name, then incorporate him into my meta-verse.

Fight Basher


Depending on who you ask, Fight Basher is a terrorist, a revolutionary, or a greedy mercenary. Two things are certain. He is an expert at infiltration and sabotage. He speaks very little English.

Interpol and linguists are researching the origins of his peculiar alias to find his nationality. It is believed that “Fight Basher” is a direct translation of “Pacifist”. He is responsible for over one billion dollars in damages to military equipment in twenty-nine countries. Various terrorist networks and private individuals have put a price on his head. Their losses by his hand are understandably incalcuable.