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Character Contest 90: Fifth Anniversary Random Edition

Yep, Jeff Hebert piloted HeroMachine solo for five years. We’re talking daily blogs. Coming up with topics for discussion, polls, and contests (of course). Not to mention reading and replying to his inbox. The occasional Sketch of the Day. Adding items to HeroMachine. Contest prizes. HeroMachine was Jeff’s full-time job during that time. Still, that’s dedication. I can never thank Jeff enough for this amazing program that has spawned such a colorful community.

Since Jeff’s “retirement” from HeroMachine, the blog traffic has slowed. However, the forums have exploded. Everyone’s doing his/her/its own thing. Which is really cool. Lots of fun and interesting stuff. People have created entire meta-verses using HeroMachine. Many I would truly love to see in comics. Some I would collect the action figures!

Being at a crossroads myself, I have found less time to create as of late. I passed on renting an apartment and have been kicking myself ever since. It’s impossible to relax when I’m at the house. Which is causing all sorts of stress. Thankfully, it’s only deflating not soul-crushing.

Sorry, had to vent a little. Since I was pressed for time and not very inspired, I only had one entry for CC: 90. She could be a hero or villain. Typically with a royal title, one would say villain. However, she could also be a crime-fighting diva.

Bee Empress


My Seventh Sanctum spin
Cinder Cleric
Ghost Tracker
Glacier Dynamo
Invunerable Leaf
Joker Flame
Smash Emperor
Strike Tempest